Producer/videographer/editor, Mindfire Productions.

"The Risk Factor: Paul Matthews" and "For Goodness Sake: Joyce Soule", two one-hour programs in a projected series of American self-portraits: THAT’S LIFE. (Current)

Assistant director/videographer, Filmselskabet, Denmark. A half-hour program about

four second-generation Muslim boys in Copenhagen in trouble with the law. (2008 –


Producer/writer/videographer, NBC Peacock Productions. Two one-hour

documentaries on transgender issues for MSNBC. One one-hour program on meth

addiction for A&E. (2007 - 2008)

Producer/writer, ABC News Productions. Documentaries for A&E, TLC, Court-TV,

Discovery, Discovery Health, and Discovery Times. (2000 - 2007) Several awards, most

recently a CINE Golden Eagle for THE RAPTURE, a show on the fundamentalist

Christian end-time concept.

Producer/writer, Atlas Media. A one-hour special: KATRINA, THE LOST EPISODE

for the Weather Channel. (2006)Their highest rated documentary.

Producer/program developer, Mindfire Productions. Awarded a research grant by the

Corporation for Public Broadcasting to develop a documentary on how Arab and

American TV cover the same event in the Middle East for “America at a Crossroads.”


Producer/director/videographer/editor. CONVENT, a one-hour program about two

young girls preparing to take vows. Parts of it shown on Religion&Ethics News Weekly.


Producer/video journalist, New York Times Television. A one-hour verite-style

program in the TRAUMA series for TLC. (March 1999 – August 1999)

Producer/writer, ABC News. THE CENTURY with Peter Jennings. Four one-hour

programs in a 15-hour series on the history of America in the 20th century. Also 16 spots

and a sales reel for the series. (1997 – 1999)

Producer, director, videographer, co-editor, PBS. CAYUTAVILLE, a one-hour

program about the struggles of two families in a village in Upstate New York. Shown

nationally in September 1998.

Producer, TV2 Denmark. THE CURSE OF AMERICA, an hour-long program on

drug-related violence; and IN AND OUT OF WASHINGTON, a look at the presidential

transition in 1992. (1992 - 1994)

Coproducer, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. TESTIMONY, an

hour-long film, part of the museum’s permanent exhibit. (1992)

Producer/writer, PBS. BREAKING THE MOLD, four half-hour programs on the Cold

War. (1990 - 1991)

Associate producer, Channel 4, Britain and PBS. AMERICA'S CENTURY, a sixhour

series on US foreign policy. (1989 - 1990)

Series developer, MacNeil/Lehrer Productions. Series on the Nordic countries.

Produced a 15-minute pilot hosted by Liv Ullman. (1988)

Associate Producer/Senior Researcher, BBC and WETA. THE AFRICANS: A

TRIPLE HERITAGE, a nine-hour series filmed on location all over Africa. (1983 - 1986)

Eight national and international awards.

Magazine Pieces and News stories

Producer/writer, PBS. RELIGION&ETHICS NEWS WEEKLY, occasional pieces.

Producer, GLOBAL VISION, PBS. A 15-minute piece on children’s rights in

Denmark. (1996)

Producer, PBS. MEDIA MATTERS, 15-minute segment on the press and religion, an

ATV Associates production. (1995)

Field producer/researcher, FOX. AMERICA'S MOST WANTED, a program on

castration of violent sex offenders in Denmark. (1994)

Producer, TV 2 DENMARK, Washington News Bureau. News stories, news features,

magazine pieces, and documentaries. (1992 - 1994)

Producer/Director of Research, PBS. MODERN MATURITY, stories for a weekly

show for Eli Productions. (1987 - 1989)


Non-fiction: Diana Frank & Marta Vogel: THE BABY MAKERS.

(On hi-tech conception and birth). Carroll & Graf, New York, 1988.

Diana Frank: “Producing the Africans: A Triple Heritage” in THE GLOBAL AFRICAN.

Africa World Press, Trenton, NJ, 1998.

Diana Frank and Jeffrey Frank: “The Melancholy Dane” THE NEW YORKER, January

8, 2001.

Diana Crone Frank and Jeffrey Frank: “THE STORIES OF HANS CHRISTIAN

ANDERSEN.” Translations and introductory essay, Houghton Mifflin, November 2003.

Diana Frank and Jeffrey Frank: “Hans Christian Andersen’s American Dream.”


Diana Crone: ET UAAR. (A novel in Danish). Thanning & Appel, Copenhagen, 1979.


Adjunct professor at the Columbia School of Journalism, New York 2009

Diana Frank and Jeffrey Frank: “On translating Hans Christian Andersen.” Paper given

at a Princeton University Conference, November 2005. Published in

MARVELS&TALES, Vol. 20, 2. 2006

Led three-day seminar on “Enchantment in Tales and Tunes” at the Aspen “ARTS AND

IDEAS” week. July 2008.


PH.D. in General Linguistics, Cornell University. Humanities and Social Sciences


M.S., B.S. in Theoretical Linguistics, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Georgetown



Danish, English, French and half-forgotten German.

International Working Experience

Algeria, China, Congo, Denmark, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Gambia, Israel,

Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, the Occupied Territories, Qatar, Senegal, Spain,

Sweden, Vietnam.


American Film and Video Festival, Red Ribbon, Cine Golden Eagle (2),  Christopher Award,  Columbus International Film and Video Festival Bronze (2), Ohio State award,  Prism Award. 

    “I have worked in all aspects of documentary production: program development, research, writing, directing and editing. My experience, which includes directing correspondents and program hosts, is international and ranges from news to historical re-enactments."

Currently a Senior Producer for CNN’s global initiative, “CNN Heroes,” which showcases ordinary people who help or impact the lives of others in extraordinary ways in areas ranging from the environment to civil rights. Culminating in a year-end awards gala hosted by Anderson Cooper, the network honors the most outstanding of viewer-submitted everyday heroes from around the world.  A four-time Emmy award winner, Michelle has over 16 years of news and documentary production experience including work for ABC News at Nightline, World News Tonight, Good Morning America, and ABC News Productions.  She has also been an adjunct professor at The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and worked in Program Development.

Michelle Genece